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Anthony Hernandez (July 7, 1947)

Anthony Hernandez is a Mexican American Artist based in Los Angeles. I viewed his exhibition at the recently re-opened SFMOMA.

The exhibition will be on view September 24, 2016 through January 1, 2017. This is his first retrospective and the show encompasses his life work for the early stages of figurative street photography to the abstracted images of people influenced spaces.

As stated in the label text at SFMOMA, Hernandez found his calling when he started to stray away from photos of people, removing the personal aspect and focusing on what is left behind.

The beautiful images below show scenarios and landscape that have traces of humanity and tell a story of what went on here without actually showing the cause. The viewer must infer meaning by imagining Hernandez’s treks into the unknown and uncomfortable world of the homeless and other marginalized groups.


Beach  portraits from early street photo series


Love the colors and textures


What happened here?


Abandoned mattress and homeless camp


Something quaint and something sad simultaneously.

Hernandez’s vision explores the unknown and unpopular lifestyles of his invisible subjects. We are left wanting to know more. How did this person come to this place? How long will they stay? What happened?