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Ihti Anderson (Ukraine)

So far the information I have found about Ihti Anderson has been only on his website and esoteric print magazines about visionary art and music festivals. He started as an artist creating backgrounds for psychedelic music parties and has continued to create images and make immersive decorations for such events.

Ihti Anderson’s work is etherial, and light filled consisting in energy patters and light trails that geometrically emanate from and around his subjects. The images look digitally created but actually they are hand painted with brush and airbrush using UV reactive paint.

Infinity Dragon
Infinity Dragon - Detail
Infinity Dragon – Detail

His work is also found on custom wearable art, motorcycles and cars,  and both indoor and outdoor installations of decor. The decorations often consist of stretched fabrics which are airbrushed and illuminated in 3-D overlapping shapes that create a colorful relaxing atmosphere for contemplation.

Decoration Installation
Decoration Installation
Decoration Installation
Decoration Installation

Ihti did not study art but rather practiced it from a young age.  He draws upon sacred geometry and the symbols found in cultures all over the world in addition to his imagination which he believes has now boundaries.

“The development of our own imagination, gives us wings, and they help to fly through the worlds of our subconscious, from my own experience I can say, that these worlds much more broader and multidimensional than the world we see with our eyes.” – Ihti Anderson

Infinitely Glorious Elephant
Infinitely Glorious Elephant
The Cosmic Structure
The Cosmic Structure

“This art opens doors to other dimensions, into the worlds of the subconscious, expressing what is hidden from ordinary human eye, presenting  other creatures and objects that can not be touched or explain.” – Ihti Anderson


His work can be purchased on the web site  Art Collider and on his own website:

Mario Martinez (American 1977)

Mars-1 at Work
Mars-1 at work on Afterthought

Artist Mario Martinez, who also goes by Mars-1,  was born in Boulder, Colorado and grew up in Fresno, California where he was inspired by graffiti art, comics, and science fiction. Through his visual art, murals and sculptures he creates worlds of material and etheric atmosphere in complex acrylic paintings swirling with colorful geometric forms and strangely familiar organic shapes. His paintings depict visions of transcendent and universal subjects like worm holes, nuclear physics and celestial phantoms. Martinez often collaborates with other artists such as Alex Grey, Brendan Monroe and Doze.  Guests of the Symbiosis Gathering at Pyramid Lake were able to watch a collaboration take place between Mario Martinez, David Choong Lee, Damon Soule, and Oliver Vernon.

Check out Mars-1’s website to see more of his work:

Acrylic on linen
84 x 108 inches
Strange Cargo, 2008




Mario Martinez (Mars-1) x Brendan Monroe Acrylic on paper, 2012.
Mario Martinez (Mars-1) x Brendan Monroe
Acrylic on paper, 2012.
Bicycle Day  Collaboration with Alex Grey San Francisco April 20, 2012
Bicycle Day
Collaboration with Alex Grey
San Francisco
April 20, 2012


Mario Martinez Photo by Mairead O'Connor
Mario Martinez
Photo by
Mairead O’Connor



Banksy – (British – Contemporary)


This’ll look nice when it’s framed.

Banksy is a British Street Artist, whose work in known all over the world. His highly skilled stencils convey a political point of view. Anyone can see a Banksy because he paints outdoors in the urban environment and only recently has entered the world of museums and galleries. Much of his work is ironic like the pieces seen below.

Powerwashing the Cave Painting
Painting on the Israeli Wall

This painting on the Israeli Palestine border is one of his political commentaries on what is happening in the world right now.  It draws upon traditional Trompe L’Oeil styles of mural painting to show what the reality is. Also the context is very important, the child walking past may get a glimpse at a better possible life and may be inspired in the face of this insane 30 foot tall barrier.

Stop and Search

This work, Stop and Search, was actually cut out of the cement wall in Bethlehem to be displayed in a gallery in England. It is unclear whether he approved the removal of his work from the public, though he has gone on record discouraging this type of behavior. Surely, after the removal of the art the wall was patched up to maintain the purpose of isolating communities from their resources.

Quote by Banksy 

“When you go to an art gallery you are simply a tourist looking at the trophy cabinet of a few millionaires.” – Banksy

“If graffiti changed anything it would be illegal” -Banksy





Leslie Shows


The Sky Becomes Sediment 2008

Leslie Shows is a local Bay Area artist whose paintings have titles like ” The Arrangement of Salts and Metals by Properties,” where she succeeds in melding elemental natural tones with moody pychedelic lightning and rainbow crystals.  The vibrant colors and the explosive use of paint in Leslie Shows work, balanced with the subtle greys and stone.  Her paintings reunite the rift between science and art by utilizing color and form to explain what is happening in our real world sometimes on such a grand scale that we are usually unable to notice.  The first image is detail of her painting called “The Nitrogen Cycle.” She magically displays working concepts on thge working of our physical world by combining elements to create something as basic as the air we breathe. Everything is located on a grand Geologic Time Scale which surpasses our normal experience of the world by millions of years and can destroy our reality with one shift.

I especially love the displays of lightening in her art. She is using the paint as a medium often without use of a brush to create gradients and layers like the sedimentary layers of the earth.  There are many textures created by metals and remnants of the manufacturing process being scratched through the painted surface. The fractal physics of liquid dynamics is visible on a smaller scale.

Here is a brillant installation which suits her work on a grand scale at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. She brings a timeless element to a world that is always changing and we are just a passing moment in it.



Leslie Shows from