Leonora Carrington (British 1917 – 2011)

Leonora Carrington is a Mexican Surrealist Artist who was born in Britian in 1917 and died this year, 2011. She met artist Max Ernst in London and escaped the NAZI occupation of Paris she fled to Mexico City. She is one of the top three female surrealist artists of all time and remained in Mexico for the rest of her life.

Her paintings are very detailed and they portray a secret or obscured aspect of the world. She uses many symbols and ritual shapes to express the mystical order and activities in the universe that most people do not notice. She was very well educated in europe but left it all to pursue art and express her point of view.


She wrote and illustrated this children’s book in 1977 and she also made sculptures and masks for theatre.

“You may not believe in magic but something very strange is happening at this very moment. Your head has dissolved into thin air and I can see the rhododendrons through your stomach. It’s not that you are dead or anything dramatic like that, it is simply that you are fading away and I can’t even remember your name.”
-Leonora Carrington The Hearing Trumpet

“We went down into the silent garden.
Dawn is the time when nothing breathes, the hour of silence. Everything is transfixed, only the light moves.” -Leonora Carrington