Banksy – (British – Contemporary)


This’ll look nice when it’s framed.

Banksy is a British Street Artist, whose work in known all over the world. His highly skilled stencils convey a political point of view. Anyone can see a Banksy because he paints outdoors in the urban environment and only recently has entered the world of museums and galleries. Much of his work is ironic like the pieces seen below.

Powerwashing the Cave Painting
Painting on the Israeli Wall

This painting on the Israeli Palestine border is one of his political commentaries on what is happening in the world right now.  It draws upon traditional Trompe L’Oeil styles of mural painting to show what the reality is. Also the context is very important, the child walking past may get a glimpse at a better possible life and may be inspired in the face of this insane 30 foot tall barrier.

Stop and Search

This work, Stop and Search, was actually cut out of the cement wall in Bethlehem to be displayed in a gallery in England. It is unclear whether he approved the removal of his work from the public, though he has gone on record discouraging this type of behavior. Surely, after the removal of the art the wall was patched up to maintain the purpose of isolating communities from their resources.

Quote by Banksy 

“When you go to an art gallery you are simply a tourist looking at the trophy cabinet of a few millionaires.” – Banksy

“If graffiti changed anything it would be illegal” -Banksy