Agnes Pelton (American 1881 – 1961)

Agnes Pelton was inspired by the New Mexico desert where she also joined a group of Taos artists called the Transcendental Painting group. Her works move toward abstraction of philosophical questions.

Agnes Pelton in San Jacinto 1932
The Voice 1930
Untitled 1931
Mount of Flame 1932
The Awakening 1943

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  1. Agnes Pelton was originally from Europe, then New York, and though she did visit New Mexico and was part of the Transcendental Artists Group , but from at least 1931 till her death, I believe 1961, she made her home in Cathedral City California and was inspired by the California desert and her beloved Mt Jacinto. The home Agnes built stands today, lovingly preserved by artists Peter Palladino and Simeon Den , in the Cove above Cathedral City. F street has been named Agnes Pelton Way to honor her. You can find Peter on Facebook and he has much more knowledge , or email me and I will connect you to him. Her abstracts are amazing and stand right up there with her contemporary and fellow artists Georgia O ,Keefe. We residents of Cathedral City are so proud of her residence, in fact in April we had a wonderful exhibit at City Hall of her work. She did deserts apes for money, but her heart was in her amazing abstracts and her studio and meditation room stand today beneath a magnificent view of her Mt Jacinto. Please ad that to your blurb. Thanks.

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