How to Add ASCII Art to Your Terminal

How to add ASCII art to your terminal to make it more fun and interesting.

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ASCII art: what is it and why you might want to use it

ASCII art refers to images that are created using the characters on a keyboard. These images can be simple, like a small icon, or complex, like a banner or full-page image. You might want to use ASCII art for a number of reasons, including:

– Making your terminal more visually interesting
– Expressing your personality
– Sharing an inside joke with others who use the same terminal
– Creating an identifying mark for yourself or your team (e.g., if you’re a developer working on a project)

Adding ASCII art to your terminal is relatively easy. In most cases, you’ll just need to copy and paste the text into your terminal window. However, there are a few things to keep in mind, such as:

– The size of your terminal window – if the ASCII art is too big, it will be cut off
– The font you’re using – some fonts don’t support all of the characters used in ASCII art, so it may not look as intended
– How you want the ASCII art to appear – you may need to experiment with different techniques (e.g., using reverse video or adding spaces) to get the desired effect

How to find ASCII art that you like

There are a few ways to find ASCII art that you like. One way is to search for “ASCII art” on a search engine, such as Google. Another way is to find websites that specialize in ASCII art. A few popular websites that offer ASCII art are ASCII Art Dictionary (AAD), Acme Fonts, and jaglab.

When you find an ASCII art image that you like, you can save it to your computer by right-clicking on the image and selecting “Save As.” Once the image is saved, you can add it to your terminal by opening the file in a text editor (such as TextEdit or Notepad) and copying the text. To add the ASCII art to your terminal, open the terminal application and paste the copied text into the window.

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How to install a font that supports ASCII art

Ascii art is a form of art that uses ASCII characters to create images. In order for your terminal to support ASCII art, you will need to install a font that supports it.

To do this, first find a font that supports ASCII art. There are a few options available online, but we recommend picking one from the following list:


Once you have downloaded the font, open it up in Font Book (on macOS) or your preferred font manager (on Windows). From there, simply install the font like you would any other font.

Once the font is installed, you should be able to see ASCII art in your terminal.

How to use ASCII art in your terminal

ASCII art is a type of graphics made from text characters. To create ASCII art, you can use any text editor, but you’ll need a specialized program to convert it into an image.

There are many ways to use ASCII art. For example, you can use it to dress up your Terminal window or add some flair to your website. You can also use ASCII art as a signature in email messages or forum posts.

To create ASCII art, you’ll need a text editor and a graphics converter program. Here’s how to get started:

1) Use a text editor to create a file with your ASCII art. Be sure to save the file in plain text format.

2) Use a graphics converter program to convert the plain text file into an image file. Some popular graphics converter programs include ImageMagick and irfanview.

3) Save the image file in a format that can be used on the web, such as GIF or JPEG.

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4) Upload the image file to your website or blog, or attach it to an email message or forum post.

Some tips and tricks for using ASCII art in your terminal

If you’re looking to add a bit of flair to your terminal, ASCII art is a great way to do it. Below are some tips and tricks for using ASCII art in your terminal.

1. Use a dedicated ASCII art generator. There are many dedicated ASCII art generators available online, such as jp2a ( or FIGlet (

2. Use an online conversion tool. If you already have an image that you want to convert into ASCII art, there are many online tools that can do the job, such as this one (

3. Try using Unicode characters. If you’re using a fixed-width font, you can try using Unicode characters to create simple ASCII art. For example, the following will create a simple cat image:

$ printf “\\u1F431”

ASCII art resources

There are a few ways to get ASCII art into your terminal.

The first is to find a piece of ASCII art that you like and copy/paste it into your terminal. You can find ASCII art all over the internet, but a good place to start is

If you want to be able to generate ASCII art from images, you can use the ImageMagick tool. First, install ImageMagick (see installation instructions here: Then, use the following command to convert an image into ASCII art:

`convert -density 300 -size 100x60 input.jpg -resize 100x60 -compress none -colorspace Gray +dither -depth 8 output.txt`

This will take an image called “input.jpg” and convert it into an ASCII art file called “output.txt”. The size and density parameters can be adjusted to change the size and detail of the ASCII art.

How to create your own ASCII art

In the early days of computing, before graphical user interfaces, computer users communicated with text-based terminals. In order to add a bit of personality to their screens, some users began creating what is known as ASCII art—images created from the text characters available on keyboards.

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You can still find ASCII art today, and you can even create your own. All you need is a text editor and a bit of creativity. In this article, we’ll show you how to create ASCII art from images using the ImageMagick suite of tools.

ASCII art in pop culture

ASCII art is a form of digital art that uses computers for presentation and consists of pictures pieced together from the 95 printable (from a total of 128) characters defined by the ASCII Standard from 1963. ASCII art has been used in many ways. It has been used for typesetting poems either inline or as floating blocks set off by empty lines.

The future of ASCII art

ASCII art is a form of art that uses characters from the ASCII standard to create images. It is also sometimes called “text art”.

ASCII art is used in many places, including computer terminals, web pages, and email signatures. ASCII art can be created with any text editor, and there are many ways to create it.

One way to create ASCII art is to use the “convert” command in the ImageMagick suite of tools. This suite is available on most Linux distributions, and on macOS. To install ImageMagick on macOS, you can use Homebrew:

brew install imagemagick

Once ImageMagick is installed, you can use the convert command to create ASCII art from an image. For example, this command will convert the image “image.png” into an ASCII art file “image.txt”:

convert image.png -resize 100x30 -font Courier-Bold -pointsize 10 -fill black +antialias label:@image.txt < – creates ASCII file "image Over the years, ASCII art has evolved into a sophisticated form of expression with its own unique aesthetics. There are now many different styles of ASCII art, ranging from simple line drawings to complex images that include color and shading."

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