How To Sell Prints Of Your Art?

You have two choices: you may sell prints on your own website or you can hire someone to do it for you. This provides you the greatest control, but you must handle all of the marketing yourself; or You may sell your prints on and other online marketplaces. You give up control in exchange for the advantage of having your work seen by a pre-existing audience.

Similarly, What is the best way to sell art prints?

To help fund your creative company, these are the finest venues to sell your artwork online. Etsy. Amazon.FineArtAmerica. Saatchi Art.UGallery is a contemporary art gallery based in London. Shopify. TurningArt.Society6.

Also, it is asked, Is selling art prints profitable?

Despite the high level of competition in the fine art market, selling prints may be lucrative if done right. The good news is that you don’t have to depend only on the sale of original artwork to sustain your creative profession financially.

Secondly, How do art prints make money?

Prints of art may be sold. Print copies of your drawings or illustrations are one of the most straightforward methods to sell art online and generate money. Create a Print-on-Demand Art Business. Sell your digital stock art. Work on a commission basis. Working on Freelance Projects is a great way to earn money. Teach Art Through the Internet. Create your own YouTube channel. Make a Book.

Also, Do art prints sell well on Etsy?

Digital art is essentially printed art. These are popular on Etsy among consumers who like to download artwork and have it printed and framed in their own style.

People also ask, What size prints sell best?

The most common print size for photos is 1114 inches. If you provide this size, the customer will be able to purchase a frame in most art shops or online that will fit the print.

Related Questions and Answers

How do I sell my prints on Etsy?

On Etsy, here are 10 helpful hints for selling prints. Make a positive image for yourself. Maintain a professional demeanor in your communications. Purchase in bulk. Make a schedule for yourself. Handle prints with caution. Make sure your prints are well-protected. Prepare for mishaps by establishing protocols. Use social media to promote your sales.

What is a good profit margin for art prints?

If you want to hire galleries or consultants to help you sell your work at some time, you’ll need to factor in a profit margin to cover their fees. This is usually 50% of the selling price for most artists.

Is it better to sell prints or originals?

Original work has a greater value than a print when it is sold. It’s one-of-a-kind, and consumers will pay extra for the privilege of being the only one who owns it. What exactly is this? When you consider who normally purchases original paintings, this makes sense.

How do I sell my art for beginners?

12 Ways to Sell Your Art on the Internet (Beginners Guide) Caring is shared! Find a niche for yourself. Learn all there is to know about the art business. To sell your paintings, choose the suitable platform. Don’t depend on a single source of revenue. On your own website, create an e-commerce art store. Consider items that can be printed on demand. Learn how to use social media effectively.

How do beginner artists make money?

Consider these 8 active and passive revenue alternatives for artists as a starting point. Instagram is a great place to sell paintings. You may teach art online or in person. On Sellfy, you can sell vector designs. Grants and competitions applications. Selling wall art generates passive revenue. Along with your artwork, you may sell other items.

What prints sell best on Etsy?

The top ten greatest print-on-demand things to sell on Etsy Wall art in the gallery style. Beautiful, one-of-a-kind wall art is a must-have for each aspiring Etsy merchant. Prints on a desk Journals. Masks for the face. Mugs for coffee. Throw pillows crafted by hand. Blankets made of fleece. Totes made of canvas.

What type of art sells best on Etsy?

Original Paintings — Because original paintings may be sold for more money than most other sorts of artwork, they are likely to have the biggest profit margin.

What type of art is in demand right now?

Nonetheless, the most in-demand media at fairs on Artsy remained largely stable from 2019 to 2020, with the five categories with the most inquirers remaining the same: paintings, prints, sculptures, drawings, collages, and other works on paper; and photos.

Should art prints be glossy or matte?

If your images will be handled often, a matte finish is a preferable choice since it does not absorb user fingerprints. Because matte finishes are intended to reflect as much light as possible, colors do not seem as bright as they do in glossy photographs.

What size art sells the most?

The most popular sizes are 20′′ x 24′′, 16′′ x 20′′, and 11′′ x 14′′. The ideal sizes for luxury galleries, exhibition halls, and auditoriums are 24′′ x 36′′ and 30′′ x 40′′.

What paper should I use for art prints?

Printing on the Best Art Paper Hahnemuhle Photo Rag is a photo rag made by Hahnemuhle. Museum Etching Paper by Hahnemuhle. Epson Ultra Premium Presentation Paper is a high-end presentation paper from Epson. Natural Moab Entrada Rag 300 [150].

Does Etsy print on demand?

On Etsy, print-on-demand is permitted. All Etsy goods must be handcrafted and/or created. Sellers may sell their creations through print on demand on the Etsy platform as long as they produce them themselves and reveal their printing partners.

How much money can you make selling art on Etsy?

What Is The Average Etsy Seller’s Salary? Many successful Etsy merchants sell between $500 and $1000 worth of merchandise every month. This isn’t always the case, however. According to a blog article on the Skillcrush site, up to 65 percent of Etsy companies make less than $100 each month.

How can I sell my canvas prints online?

The first step in selling your artwork is to choose the best eCommerce platform for your custom canvas prints. Etsy is a popular choice among artists since it is a terrific online platform for custom canvas prints and a simple way to obtain exposure.

How much should you charge for prints?

A reasonable rule of thumb for a simple response is to charge clients around four times what your overall expenditures equaled to. So, if you determine that printing an 810 costs you $13 (taking into consideration all of the elements we’ve discussed so far), you may charge them roughly $52.

Should I sell limited edition prints?

Limited edition prints are more valuable than open edition prints, but you won’t be able to alter your mind and generate additional pictures after you’ve decided on the size, even if they sell faster than you expected.

How much should I charge for an 8x10 painting?

Don’t suddenly raise the price of your 8x10″ paintings from $200 to $2000. To begin, experts advocate a 10% price increase. You can always go higher later, but if you go too high, you won’t be able to recover those lost clients. Keep it genuine.

Do prints devalue original art?

A print is not the same as an original. Original work is far more valuable than a print and will sell for much more. Prints have no bearing on the value of the original artwork since there is only one original! In many instances, the inverse is true.

Why do artist make prints?

Prints are created for a number of purposes by artists. They may be attracted to the print studio’s collaborative character, the medium’s potential for invention, or the ability of a print to chronicle each step of a creative process.

How do I know if my art is good?

If you don’t have access to art tutors, the easiest method to get advice is to look for artists that work in similar mediums, genres, and subject matters as you and compare your work to theirs. If you believe their work is much superior than yours, consider what it is that they are doing differently in their job.

Is it hard to sell art?

Even in the strongest of economies, selling art is difficult, and it might feel practically impossible during times like these. However, adversity is a part of life, and any artist who wants to be successful must adapt to the current situation in order to thrive.


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