Is Sword Art Online Good?

Similarly, Is it worth watching Sword Art Online?

It’s just entertainment with no other elements, yet it’s watchable and addicting. The animation is fantastic, and I like seeing the world of Sword Art Online. The possibility of death adds a layer of drama, and witnessing our two main characters, Kirito and Asuna, fall in love is beautiful and adorable.

Also, it is asked, Why is Sword Art Online so popular?

But one of the most important reasons is Kirito and Asuna’s romance and chemistry; believe it or not, millions of fans like SAO just because of the show’s unique idea and plot, as well as Kirito and Asuna’s connection. Especially since, unlike many other shows, SAO does not drag its tale or relationships out and confirms them right away.

Secondly, Is Sword Art Online good for 12 year olds?

For the most part, the anime is classified PG-13. I would suggest that you have a look at a few items first. Sexual assault is shown in episodes 21 and 24 of season 1. SAO is, for the most part, a family-friendly show with little profanity and no more violence than Adventure Time.

Also, Who makes SAO?

Sword Art Online (, Sdo to Onrain?, abbreviated as SAO) is the first VRMMORPG developed by Argus for NerveGear, with Kayaba Akihiko serving as development director. The online game takes set on Aincrad, a hundred-story floating palace.

People also ask, Is SAO a romantic anime?

Sword Art Online is an action adventure anime with a lot of romance, particularly given it’s about a game where the players find themselves stuck in a Death Game with just one goal: to clear the 100 levels and win the game.

Related Questions and Answers

Who is Kirito’s wife?

Asuna is the primary heroine of Sword Art Online and the major protagonist of the seventh volume. She is Kirito’s companion and later wife, and a sub-leader of the “Knights of the Blood Oath,” a medium-sized guild regarded as Aincrad’s strongest guild.

Is harem a Japanese word?

In Japanese anime and manga, a harem is a tale in which a male character is surrounded and adored by a large number of female characters. Just a few examples are Suzuka, Love Hina, Ai Yori Aoshi, Rosario + Vampire, and Sekirei. The majority of the time, the female characters are romantically interested in the protagonist.

What category of anime is Sao?

Science fiction anime and manga are divided into two categories.

Is Sword Art Online dark?

The anime is enjoyable to watch since the characters are amusing and the conflicts they confront are tremendous. You know the major characters will always triumph in the end. This is comparable to SAO, with the exception that SAO may be a little gloomy at times. Players are often in genuine danger (), making it less “bright” than other animes.

Is Sword Art Online censored on Netflix?

Parts of the contentious scene are merely blacked out, while others are completely absent. Both edits plainly indicate a sexual assault, but fans were quick to question why altered material was given to organizations like Funimation in the first place.

Is Asuna in Sword Art Online 2?

But the strong young woman that fans adored in the Aincrad Arc is still out there someplace, even if the show hasn’t made it easy to locate her. Asuna had a brief but essential opportunity to shine in Season 2’s Mother’s Rosario Arc, when she took Kirito’s place as the arc’s main protagonist.

Can I skip SAO gun gale online?

No. You are not required to do so. You wouldn’t miss anything if you didn’t watch SAO Alternative since it has no characters in common with the original SAO. In the case of GGO, you’d miss at least one character’s introduction.

What comes after SAO?

Sword Art Online II is the sequel to Sword Art Online. Alicization is a work of art that may be found on the internet. Gun Gale Online is a Sword Art Online alternative.

Is Haikyuu rated PG?

For the material depicted in the anime, the Haikyu Age Rating is TV-14.

What age rating is K on?

However, the BBFC’s classification of the feature film K-On! The Movie piqued my interest the first time I searched up K-On! classifications. The picture was given a 12 for “moderate innuendo.”

What rating is demon slayer?

Mugen Train / MPAA classification RDemon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba the Movie

Is Asuna a Yandere?

In the Abridged Series, Asuna seems to be a Yandere. She seems to be compassionate and innocent at first, but when her love with Kirito is endangered, she transforms into a violent force eager to murder anybody who stands in her way.

Is Sword Art Online for Kids?

Definitely not for children or young teenagers.

Why did SAO happen?

It was created to serve as a personal substitute for the actual world. Kayaba Akihiko merely introduced other individuals into it rather than bringing others into it. “I wanted to leave Earth behind and travel to the castle,” Kayaba Akihiko says at 18:41 in anime episode 14.

Can you get married in Sword Art Online integral factor?

If one player opens their menu, picks “Marriage,” and sends a marriage request to the other player, the other player accepts the request through a little pop-up window that appears as soon as the request is received, the players may marry.

Is Sword Art Online 2 romance?

By far the most passionate lovers in Sword Art Online are Kazuto “Kirito” Kirigaya and Asuna Yki. They’ve built a friendship so deep that they’d live and die for one other during their two years confined in Aincrad. It’s why SAO is a romance anime, not a harem anime, despite its male: female ratio.

Does Asuna get jealous?

As I previously said, Asuna becomes envious of Alice’s blatant display of adoration. (Though not intended to be taken seriously, these sequences are mostly intended to be humorous.)

Is Alice dating Kirito?

Kirito’s beloved has always been Asuna. No, Kirito and Asuna are still over over heels in love, and Kirito, like he does with all of his female companions, treats Alice as nothing more than a buddy and combat partner.

What is a female harem?

Harem is a term used to describe a group of people who live together in 1a: in certain Muslim houses, an isolated residence or section of a house designated to women. b: the harem’s wives, concubines, female relatives, and servants. 2 colloquial: a collection of ladies linked to a single guy, a pop singer, and his harem.


Sword Art Online is a popular anime that has been around for over 10 years. The show follows the story of Kirito, an average player who gets stuck in the world of Sword Art Online. The show has received mixed reviews from critics and viewers.

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Sword Art Online is a popular anime that has been adapted into a series of light novels, video games and films. The show follows the adventures of Kirito, who enters the virtual reality world of Aincrad to save his kidnapped friend Asuna. Reference: does sword art online get better.

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